Is Sleight of Hand Deceiving the Eye yet again?

Take for example, the fuss about North Korea and Iran having nuclear facilities, and making bombs. Is Bush right to create a fuss? Really, just stop and think for a minute. Can you imagine any state, nowhere near the size of the US, Russia, or China, becoming a nuclear aggressor? They’d be wiped out – any one of the others similarly, would immediately get their come-uppence – for my money, this whole business is sabre rattling, unnecessarily and for another reason entirely, as everything international seems to be today.

I am firmly convinced that the entrapment of the naval boats had more to do with internal politics in Iran, than it had to do with presupposed aggressive actions by the Royal Navy.

You can’t turn on the television today, or the radio, without being deluged by a whole variety of statistics, examples, theory and counter theory, concerning Global Warming. I have already dealt with this, but I must return to it, because the attitude of the government, even the EU, is so at variance with the true facts to be laughable if it was not so damned expensive and serious. When we hear of this factory in Russia making converters and polluting not only the whole atmosphere but the whole area surrounding it, that other huge countries are putting forward counter reasons and statistics to demonstrate why their policy is perfectly adequate, surely we should reassess our position.. There is no shadow of doubt that there is a bandwagon on which all the media has climbed, – one suspects because there is no other news, – making claims which are clearly unproven, or are only to be expected, and yet put forward as a reason why we, the Brits, should pull in our belts, pay that much more in taxes, and have to buy cars that we don’t really want, and will make very little difference to the environment, .taken on a global calculation in the long run.

Get Real. Get a level playing field. All of us realise that there’s quite a lot of truth in some of the scientific proof which is being offered at the present time, we only have to look at our lawns in the summer, Definitely, steps should be taken even before the whole matter has been totally proven, to do something about global warming. But these should be done on a per capita basis, an ability to pay nationally, true analysis, so as to provide what one would expect to be a fair distribution, throughout the world, of remedies, jacked up universally, as and when more concrete proof is forthcoming. This ‘lead the world’, knee-jerk reaction, of our incompetent government, is leading us nowhere likely to have any effect on the problem, merely painting a pretty picture of how righteous our government is, at the expense of the rest of us. Actually I forgot to mention, the Government is skint, broke, the coffers are empty.

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