Random Thoughts 13, Three More Theories.

Blabber-Mouths. I hope you’ll forgive me for reiterating something I have previously mentioned, but it is apposite. In the mid 30s, discussion on bodily functions, female problems, divorce and anything else that was deemed ‘not nice’ was only aired by small groups of people which definitely did not include children. Consequently one was fairly mature before you learned very much about these sorts of problems. This delicacy was applicable to other areas, the newspapers were careful what they said about politicians, people in high places and pure gossip. In workplaces there was no fraternisation between the various grades of people, such as labourers, tradesmen, office staff, management and senior management. Similarly in the services the disparity between the lower deck and the wardroom, the parade ground and the officers mess in particular, was on a par with the behaviour of the inmates of the mansion of a belted earl.

It is therefore unsurprising that we in our 80s find it almost an anathema the way in which everyone from the Queen to some young, simple rising star in the entertainment world, can now be stripped bare on television and the press, even by mistake, with no checks and balances, nor acceptance that mud, once thrown, sticks. It now seems that a politician, especially one in high office, has hardly slammed the door on his way out, before there is a detailed, intimate record and analysis of his time in office, on the streets in book form and in the press. There is no shadow of doubt a lot of people, including myself, did not agree with the man’s policies, but the aspect that is most interesting is that those who have now taken over, by their actions, clearly show that they did not approve of what they were permitting under the previous regime. They did not, like some, resign in protest, they sat it out keeping their posts, when they should have acted, and only now are attempting to make amends. This volte face is not only confined to this country, the worrying thing is that the Americans, having made a total mess of their policies, and by reflection, ours, in Iraq and Afghanistan, they appear to be considering dumping the whole thing without reference to us and our responsibilities.

The rule whereby government papers cannot be opened before 30 years have elapsed, helps no one.

Is digital radio a con? It is not so many years ago that the Argos catalogue had pages of hand-held radios with all the wavelengths, and innumerable stations. We used to be able to listen in, if we wanted, to any country in Europe, and if the ether was good enough, worldwide. Now we have digital radio, with very few stations preset. And as far as I can see there is nothing like the quality or the selection of the radios that gave you that freedom. I know, I tried to buy one.

Savouring is something I have always done, as we all have, but only recently have I had time to think about it . The next time you are having a meal think about your taste buds and not your hunger. When you lift that first forkful of whatever, you taste it and register in detail the taste, in other words you savour it. Your next forkful may be of something else, and I believe again you go through the same process. It is only as you proceed that the savouring diminishes and the satisfying of the hunger takes over – often not even hunger, just usage, you have that much every day so why should today be different. When we start on a plate of scrambled eggs on toast, assuming we like scrambled eggs on toast, towards the end, do we still savour and enjoy each mouthful as we do in the beginning? If not should there be more variety, as in a Greek Meze, or perhaps canapes, even Eastern cuisine? Some people read while they’re eating, surely they’re not savouring.

Just a thought.

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