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The lottery of the voting system. The theory is fine, and it is probably as good as we’ll get, but when push comes to shove, have you noticed that the wheels come off? I’m not writing about the shambles of the Scottish election, I leave that to all the real commentators, but the fact that Brown won’t allow the Labour MPs a free vote on the EU Treaty, something vital to us, as nationally it is a worry and disenfranchises us, When we vote, we have, mathematically, if not in theory, about a 1 in 3 chance that the bloke we want will get in, The problem though, is when he gets in, (it’s about 5 to 1 he’s a he),  he will have to do as he is told, even if you and a whole crowd of your mates have written to tell him to vote against the Government motion. They are supposed to be our representatives, using their judgement as to what we would collectively wish, not jumping through the Whip’s three strand hoop. We in Bangor in Northern Ireland, have a Lady MP, yes, she’s titled. Unfortunately for her, she is the single MP representing what used to be the largest party here, the Unionists, so she is leader and whip, has a free vote, and represents us very well. The trouble is Labour has an unassailable majority.

Statements on population growth. If you are in anyway despondent, easily depressed, or of a very serious and critical disposition, I suggest you read no more.

There seems to be a certain illogicality in official statements, giving the appearance of fact, when they are merely extrapolations, and everyone knows extrapolation leads to infinity. I’m really talking about the future, but criticising the statement that our population will expand until we are 70 million by 2030. Yesterday, I said, ‘don’t believe all they tell you’. The dichotomy is that only a couple of days ago we, who are over weight, were told we will all die early as a result. Another aspect not accounted for is, if our economy collapses, as it might, with this exceptional personal debt, all the immigrants and their expectant wives etc, will hoof it off to where the grass is greener, they are only here for the prosperity. My generation amd I are in our 80s because we were born into scarcity, lived with rationing and exercised per force almost continually for the first 30 years of our lives. I believe the numbers of the retirees will drop at an ever increasing rate, (exponentially), from here on, because each successive generation has had it softer, exponentially, until, 50 years on, we have, generally, little exercise, a totally different diet, and a totally different environment. In the 1900s, up until about 1980, no extrapolation would have predicted a life as most have it today.

The most worrying aspect, in my mind, not immediately, but a lot sooner than people think, is the vast changes in the world. I believe change, which if you consider geology, biology, and intelligence, which are clearly exponential progressions of some sort, will not only be moving forward at an annually increasing rate, but the effects of the rape of the natural world are also increasing annually at an alarming rate. Our wild life, in my lifetime, has diminished incredibly. Strange viruses, and illnesses, some through man’s intervention, have not only affected man, but the natural world. My own amateur, perhaps stupid theory, is that in any naturally growing thing, it contains elements with memory that pass experience from ‘parent’ to ‘offspring’ and this is the way the natural world has evolved cumulatively. Camouflage is one case, as is the level of science and the advance in man. Dinosaurs existed for far longer than later species which have also become virtually extinct. But man, in the changes he has wrought, has outstripped the ability of the rest of nature to adjust itself to his meteoric development and greed. We should not be worrying about population inflation, but about the environment, about the greed so prevalent, the disparity between the disgustingly rich (hundreds of millions that they haven’t a hope of spending), and the very poor indigenous population, not the beggars from Eastern Europe and the strictures of the EU. I repeat something I have written previously, I knew, factually, of a husband and wife begging team, in the 30s, who owned a terrace of 6 houses.

Don’t believe all they or I tell you in any form until you have checked it

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