25.12.07, Christmas Greetings

May I wish you, my readers, a happy Christmas, all you would wish for yourselves in 2008 and thank you for your interest.

I find it interesting that I have ultimately arrived at a point where I have had no birthday present this year and will get nothing of great moment today, because I can’t think of anything I am lacking. True, I’m a hoarder, so while the house is bulging with nonessentials, if I need it, I’ve got it, should it be ever so old and out of date.

We have numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren, thankfully. They all bring great joy to us, our daughters and their spouses. We don’t go to their parties because they all live quite a way away, and, really, we are past children’s parties now. That doesn’t stop us from remembering all the silly dressing up in totally unrealistic imitation of Chinese, Red Indians, etc, out of what was to hand. We had treasure hunts through the house and played and betted on a steeplechase game. In fact we engineered our own amusement at these parties, with games like a sophisticated form of Blind Man’s Bluff and sticking the tail on the donkey. When I see Bouncy Castles in the gardens of neighbours and hear an entertainer was hired for a party in winter, I wonder if that too has changed so dramatically as so much else has. The stocking fillers are more sophisticated and expensive, even if children don’t all hang up a stocking, and I wonder at what age children now see through the folklore of Santa.

Having thought of the past, with a smile, I look forward to Christmas lunch, and a family gathering, when we all get together. The feasts are more than just fun, there is a warmth which cannot be generated in any other way.

I hope your Christmas will be a joy, that you too will look back on with a smile, in old age,

Happy Christmas once again, John

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