28.12.07, A Rant About Food

I might lose another friend by talking about her cooking, but she can’t use a computer and her husband is too highbrow to read my blog, I’m probably safe. Have you ever bought defoliating choc-ices on a stick? Soph buys them because, after a gargantuan repast, they are all I can face for a sweet. Probably invented for small children. The only problem is there are no instructions on the packet. Small children might be excused mucking up the table, their person, treading chocolate into the carpet, and having small chocolate elements attached to their cheek. The instructions, if sensible, would command you to strip off, get in a bath and then eat the wretched things as they thaw, plates of slightly melted chocolate, showering round you. Could it be they are designed to defoliate as a character building ploy, temper control perhaps?

At last I understand something which has defeated me for years, why we insist on hiding the flavour of our beautiful British ingredients, by dousing them in flavouring from hot countries, where, before fridgeration was common it was generally intended to hide the taste of deteriorating provender. My friend is a Chef freak. Stick a tall white hat on your head, hang a steel at your waist and she’ll listen to all the garbage you like to utter, providing it’s on cooking. A high proportion of our current TV Chefs slip chilli, paprika, KN pepper and black pepper into anything they take the notion to. They taste it., and I bet even if it’s a disaster, they still smile, lick their lips and say it’s ‘super’. My friend then, remembering roughly what he said, not having taken notes, compiles the ingredients, adding a dash or two of several of the additives and proceeds to ruin my digestion. There are a few continental recipes which can compete with our traditional ones, but not the number offered, hourly, somewhere on TV.

Globwarm and widely travelled food. I must explain that very old people don’t mix like normal people, and so, they get their information from TV, the newsprint, and the internet if they have grandchildren who insist they lean how. There are some poor souls in homes who get no info from one year’s end to another.. You must therefore take this into account when I write about Globwarm. Today I read and hear so very much garbage about us saving the planet all on our own, anyone would think our politicians wanted to be seen to be World Leaders. Where have they been, in a home? Most of it boils down to window dressing, but it is costing us through silly legislation, which achieves so little proportionately, when balanced against what it is costing us in time and money. True it is a new industry, but from where I sit, other more serious global problems take precedence. One ironic complaint by Globwarmers is that fruit etc. is imported out of British season increasing the co2 footprint, in another breath they are extolling us to help under developed countries get on their feet by buying their produce. I rest my case

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