Curry Concerns I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that 9000 Curry houses were short of staff, and the staff that was needed had to come from Bangladesh. Sophie and my daughter have both taught themselves to make various, incredibly nice curry dishes, using a spice recipe that they got from a restaurant in Cyprus a long time ago. Surely, we don’t want even more immigrants, what we want is a short course which includes hygiene, commercial acumen and curry making, and then the jobs will be filled from within the UK, helping to take some people off the unemployment list and not having to find upwards of 9000 more homes for people to live. I can understand the proposition put by the Bangladeshi curry house owners, and there’s no way that I would think it was a ploy to bring relatives in from Bangladesh, it is just that they don’t want their secrets discovered, so I recommend that the teachers in the commercial Colleges go to Cyprus, instead of Bangladesh, to see how it’s done.

An Annoying New Industry.
Is it avarice, or incompetence? I don’t know whether you are having a problem with updates, I certainly am. I have, on recommendation, AVG anti-virus. They update daily, but that’s understandable. Microsoft has started sending almost daily updates, which I believe slowed down my computer, certainly annoy me and I see no reason whatsoever for them as I was happy with the way my computer operated anyway, but the latest one that has taken me to the fair, has been Nuance. About a week ago I bought a brand new copy of their NaturallySpeaking 9 voice transference, which I’m using at the moment to write this, because of my eyes still needing rest, this has been a great advantage, but I discovered today, only a week later, that they want to update this new version. I am assuming that any communication from a company on the Internet must cost somebody something. It costs me my monthly broadband charge, but is part of that paying Microsoft and all the others to update me? I can’t see them doing it to the extent that they are for free. In the case of Nuance, it is either that, or total incompetence in sending out a product which is still wet behind the ears and yet Nuance chooses to tinker with, this smacks of incompetence. Actually I have an axe to grind with Nuance, I bought version 8, it developed a fault, and I was instructed by the software to uninstall and reinstall. Unfortunately I had forgotten to record the registration number of the disc, I could only half uninstall, and what was left nearly wrecked my computer. I telephoned, I sent e-mails and I wrote, asking to be sent the number, because Nuance knew it, because I was registered, and they were busy sending me ads for new products. They never replied. It was against my better judgement to buy the new version, but due to my eye problems I had no choice. Now they are busy sending the updates I’m scared that I’ll go through the whole thing again with my computer damaged again. Incidentally, even when you register and they send updates or ads, they tell you to up date- that is incompetence, it has happened in both cases.

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