17.04.08, An open letter to MPs and MLAs

Immigration, The Inconvenient Truth, was a programme produced by Channel 5 and presented by Rageh Omaar, an immigrant Somali. This is a plea to the MPs and MLAs not to consider the immediate concern, but to look at the long-term effects of what they will leave to those coming after us, causing them to complain in hindsight that we had the facts but ignored them. The government is complacently protesting that there is 80% racial harmony in Britain’ The programme partially confirms that, but it points to a more hazardous and dangerous future. The programme concerned the long-term effects, real and potential, of our multiracial society, that is now so insular. I have written of my own construction on and extrapolation of what I have read.. This programme is the result of research, not supposition, and is divided into two parts, the action and reaction of individuals, and the racial mindset mainly induced by the ghetto living of the immigrants, and their evident wish to maintain their own identity. Leicester’s white population is now a minority, and the various nationals from Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and Europe live in isolated communities, with generally little intercommunication.

Enoch Powell talked about a dangerous social fragmentation, and Omar has reiterated this and shows that. tension is created when a foreign community moves into an area. Woolwich is an example, where gangs consisting of Afro Caribbean are opposed to Somalis, to the point where non-combatants find it almost imperative to take sides. These fights take place in small areas, through tribal and territorial concerns. People looking for protection also devolves down to becoming a tribal concern. Since the 1960s, Leicester has steadily become primarily a non-white city, with the white population a minority. Highfield, part of Leicester, has become totally Muslim with a high number of mosques. Surprisingly, Leicester does not have the same degree of aggression that is evident elsewhere. What is happening is that there is total racial segregation with no communication between the various enclaves.

Segregation of the mind is the other consideration. The Salman Rushdie novel, The Satanic Verses, created a mental segregation, the British Muslim, which overrides ethnic backgrounds. Immigrants now find new identities, steeping themselves in .cultural and the ethnic traditions of their forefathers, idealising that culture and its traditions as they interpret them, in preference to the British way of life. Global communication aids and sponsors this. While British churches are empty, in the segregated areas religion has a strong influence and bonding. We have become a community of communities, each with their own culture, religion and tradition. 50% of the people in this country feel that there are too many languages, cultures and religions. In 2005 an unsubstantiated rumour created a riot which led to two deaths and a number of casualties. A multi-cultural society can result in the international hatreds being fought out on the streets of this country. These divisions are driving people apart rather than aiding them to accommodate their differences, and they themselves augment their differences as a badge.

I have lived for more than 60 years in a divided society in Northern Ireland, where segregation induces tensions, and aggression can well up from a small beginning and overtake the majority. When you hear that in recent years we have received nearly a million immigrants, and there are more to come, the worry must be not only as I have shown above, but the effect on the infrastructure, the inroads into the countryside to provide housing, and the whole way of life of the country.

Emigration and a plea. I plead particularly with the MLAs in Ulster, Wales and Scotland, to think seriously about these long-term effects, and apply some sort of restriction so that their own cities do not become a collection of isolated ghettos. I am not competent to judge whether we need this level of immigration, what I do believe is, is that it is sponsoring an unusual level of emigration to countries like New Zealand and Australia, where the way of life is still British. These emigres are the cream of this country, trained at our expense in the professions that we need, and which are being replaced by foreigners. It is unsurprising that the standard of the 3Rs has dropped so radically over the past few years, as a significant proportion of the country is populated by people who in their own homes speak another language, and have difficulty with English, which is a complicated language in itself.

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