22.05.08, Interpreting The news

Youth Crime Impact. It appears that the increased spending has been almost a total waste of money and the targets have been missed in every case. In spite of this the government agencies are putting out statements which contradict those put out by the Criminology Department of King’s College London which has been doing a study. Add to this the fact that the crimes committed by girls has risen by 25% it seems to be another indication that a new approach is needed. I quote,’.. the government has placed too high expectations on the youth justice system and should be clearer about its limitations’. What I’ve found incredible is that the government appears to have not even tried a localised experiment, with the parents also charged with negligence at the time the child is charged with whatever crime is committed. Depending on the level of the crime of the child, the pair of them should then be required to do social service..

Change In Parent Status. Yesterday in the Daily Telegraph there was an article which indicated that fathers were not an essential part of family living, and it was quite acceptable for a child to have two mothers. I’m not entirely sure on what basis this has been decided, and whether it is yet another outcome of minority pressure, succeeding because there are other more urgent matters requiring attention by the legislators. If you look back through my biography which is on the blog, you will see that periodically I had one mother, one mother and one father together, then two mothers, my grandmother and my aunt, one mother etc etc. I was lucky in one respect that my grandmother was a sister of three boys, and played with them, learned their games and was able to teach some of them to me. I have had a long married life, two fine daughters, five grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Home life is dependent on a number of factors, the parents sharing their responsibilities, the relationships between the parents, the relationship of the parents and the children, and between the children. For a rounded existence, provided that the above factors are adhered to, the children require advice, skills and companionship from both sexes, it is not enough for the boys of a two-father family to be taught manly pursuits and skills, nor if this new world comes about, for the opposite to take effect.

I know that in my case, and I’m told by others that I am not easily swayed, that there were many times when I missed having a father. Any zoologist will tell you that the animal kingdom has arrived as it is today through attrition and teaching within the groups, and the TV programmes of animal behaviour bear witness to the individual responsibilities of the sexes in the need to survive. In our sophistication, the desire by some people to be different, and others to spawn new theories in spite of their inexperience, we are steadily, and far more quickly than nature can accommodate, modifying our environment and way of life beyond necessity,  with little care for the final outcome that will affect our descendants.

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