20.06.08, Author’s Note

My regular readers will have noticed that the rate of posting articles has dropped over the last month, this was because the Press and the Opposition were saying pretty well everything I would have said, and I saw little point in reiterating the obvious, and my e-mail had also made posting a serious problem. It is now time for my other eye to be operated upon, and for at least a fortnight if not longer, I shall not be able to use a computer. In addition I am in the process of revising the policy of the blog, which I think has run its course in its present format. This process will take quite some time and I will keep you posted on the outcome.

Lies and statistics we all know about, because we have been subjected to them for a whole decade, when government has tried to justify itself by allegedly meeting targets that it has set itself, in every field of endeavour, when those with experience in these very fields have been warning consistently that standards have been dropping and money has been thrown away. They don’t seem to learn, they consistently tinker on a daily basis with our most valued services, ignore the financial warnings that are given continuously, and now they are busy digging a deeper pit in every respect for the opposition to fall into when they are voted in in the next election. Where they are going to find the money to support all these new changes, is certainly a mystery to me. The sort of rubbish that is being perpetrated was demonstrated yesterday when the BBC was quoting statistics that over the last month domestic spending had risen, and they blamed it on the weather, and the purchase of new clothes. It is my humble opinion that those with any sense had realised that within the blink of an eye they will not be able to afford the luxuries they were used to, and before they all rise in price and are out of reach, they are buying them in. It is equally clear that although the tax revenue on some items will rise along with inflation, the economic pinch will cut the overall revenue, with obvious further tax income reduction, and as the government has taken on several long-term heavily funded propositions, hidden taxes will continue rise.

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again, my grandmother in the 30s repeatedly said of the government and commerce, ‘don’t believe all they tell you, dear!’

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