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I feel rather like an American redwood tree, growing contentedly in a field, and now felled in the name of progress, because it was on the centre line of a new motorway. My current inability to go on the Internet, has given me pause to reassess my future.

My daughter is convinced that circumstances are telling me to give up the blog. To some extent I feel that I have come to the end of the road because my comments are sometimes repetitious, as the sins I comment on are committed repeatedly, and often I find what I have said one day is repeated the next or a few days later in the media. I find that I also occasionally a have an incredible number of readers, and someone told me that it was probable that schools were using my biographical material for projects.

In consequence I am at a crossroads. Clearly, at sometime in the future, I am going to have the Internet problem untangled by a specialist, who is currently on holiday. I get very few comments on what I write, and as I have said before, it is rather like shouting down a well, all you get back is the echo of your own voice. I am therefore considering taking the biographical material, adding previous apposite posts, and leaving it so that those who want to research the past and review the rate of change in 80 years can, thus leaving it to others to point out all the dishonesty, the subterfuge and the downright criminality that is abroad today.

I suppose what I’m doing is running a flag up the pole to see if anyone salutes it, a ploy I learned from Tony Blair.

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