Amazed they get away with it.

Several things have come to light in the last few days that I have found beat logic, that those involved seem to have got away with it. The biggest one of course is the question that we are all asking, where has the money gone that used to be swilling about in the financial world, and the banks lent to one another? My assumption is that places like Switzerland and the Seychelles are beginning to sink under the weight of it.

The big payout to the McCanns and their friends, by the press because they were libelled, seems to lend weight to an article in last Friday’s Daily Telegraph concerning statements made about the Blairs’ various meanderings away from the truth, and the legality concerning their financial dealings. I personally don’t care that they have been garnering a fortune with lecture tours in the US, because the audience could well afford to be duped. What I have found over the years to be so surprising is that when we have all been told repeatedly that Blair made decisions that have cost hundreds if not thousands of innocent lives in Iraq, while at the same time being responsible for the deaths of so many of our servicemen and women, I would have expected him to have been impeached, years ago.

On Saturday night there was a feature on British television concerning the early years of Queen Victoria, when she was virtually in solitary confinement, as a result of her mother’s personal ambitions. The fact that Victoria’s mother got away with it for 18 years says a lot about the Victorian public’s relationship with the monarchy. She would not have got away with it, with the sort of press that we have today. The article made me think about affection in all its forms, and affectation and its effect on affectation. I have found that affectation is corrosive when it comes to affection. Affection has to be nurtured because it comes in so many different ways, and in so many degrees. There is our love for a child, the affection and indeed love, we feel for close friends and relatives, and the affection that we receive. In the case of men, especially between men, any affection is rarely signalled overtly. We tend to take affection for granted, generally without question, and it is only when that affection is withdrawn, either in fact or we have inferred it, that we really notice it is missing. Affection or the lack of it, is what moulds our characters from our early days, and as the programme on Victoria underlined, if there is hostility, or even merely disregard, it can have a serious effect on the responses of the individual in later life. I believe the speed of living today, the necessity in a lot of cases for two incomes, is the root cause of a of lot the problems that we have with our youth today. I believe that many want and really need the affection in their early years, this often demands time that is not available

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