The old saying, ‘big fleas have little fleas… ad infinitum’, is virtually saying there is no equality in nature. Similarly, the old adage that ‘with socialism all are equal, but some are more equal than others’, gives confirmation that in relationships there is no such thing as equality. I’m not writing about inequality per se, as it is inevitable, but rather the absurd levels to which inequality has risen inside the last decade. I have a hang-up about how much money is enough for anyone person or any one family. Those who have read this blog will be aware that I have been penniless for long periods, and comfortable for the whole of my life, because friends and relatives have helped out in the bad times. I can understand people wishing to better their lives, their situations and their outlooks, but to earn in a year and expect to earn every year, what amounts to the budget of a small African country, to me is absurd, even accepting that 40% of it will go in taxes. It would seem that salaries have become a status symbol, when bank directors can vote themselves vast sums for doing their job, and the only reason they are looking for higher salaries is to show the other bank directors that they are better than the others are and are a more desirable commodity. There is no way they will ever be able to spend that level of cash, and this philosophy, if one can call it that, rather than display, has seeped insidiously into the entertainment industry in all compartments, from football, to film stars, film directors, television presenters and a host of other fields. The people who really matter to the man in the street, who really look after his welfare, are based in the health and the services that he needs, and will never be in that bracket of remuneration.

The idiocy of this development, which now seems so widespread, and to encompass so many aspects, is inevitably draining the resources of the individuals whom these people with their large salaries are serving. All of them are being paid from revenues obtained by selling services of the banks, the radio and TV companies, football clubs, cinemas, theatres, the list is endless. So many of the individuals who are supplying the wherewithal to feed this financial frenzy, are at the bottom of the financial scale.

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