To my regular readers, this is a reason not an excuse

I suspect that some of you think I have given up, others might think I’m dead, but the fact is, I and Sophie, my wife, have had an horrendous five months. We mutually shared the virus in November, which put her into hospital on Christmas Eve for 16 days. The doctors required us, for future safety, to transferred our bedroom to the ground floor, because climbing the stairs could be fatal for her. With the help of my grandchildren this was achieved, but because I think I’m 40, instead of being 86, I too shifted furniture and wrecked my shoulder to the point where even moving the mouse on the computer was painful. She came home, and I nursed her until one night, to avoid putting on the light and waking her, I groped my way in this strange new bedroom, spun round and fell heavily, and crushed my spine. I had a week in hospital, and have been virtually chair bound ever since. It is only now that I have discovered that during those months my website went haywire.

Recently, I have been considering revamping the website. There is no shadow of doubt in my mind that my Dutch friend, Jan, is right when he says that my website is being used by schools as an historical source, for the schoolchildren doing projects. The hits during term time rise rapidly, and drop off on the next lot of school holidays. All the time this justifies maintaining the historical part, I shall go on occasionally making comments, and in time I shall change the format of the website. From my point of view, it is nice to be back, and thank you for reading the blog.

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