United we stand, divided we fall

I mainly addressed yesterday’s post to those readers who are 08 or over, and in consequence many of my other readers will have bypassed it. In it I wrote the following,’ When I heard, that the RBS, who had taken over our conservative and well run bank, is laying off staff in the UK, and sending the work overseas, I was appalled, because the taxpayer would now be paying unemployment benefit on top of bolstering up the bank, another example of undermining the future, symptomatic of the way in which skills are being watered down to an endangered level, and our island philosophy of self sufficiency is now an endangered specie, and we are seriously in danger of becoming totally dependent on the rest of the world. To us 80-year-olds, who knew in the 40s what it was like to have to stand alone, are worried, not for ourselves’. I repeat this because I feel that it shows the woolly thinking of our government, which seems to be running like a gerbil on a wheel, not stopping to look at what is happening, or even what makes common sense. By the same token it strikes me strongly that the main two opposition parties are more concerned with their appeal to the electorate, in the face of a possible election, than in being cooperative and working as a unit in conjunction with the government for what is the best policy to lead us forward. This approach would in no way hinder the power of the opposition parties from putting the brake on anything that they felt was wrong, the problem is that they haven’t been doing this.

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