Not only is it cynical, but a dangerous political ploy

For some time I have been curious as to whom and why had someone given the expenses information of Parliament to the Telegraph and why they published it piecemeal over weeks instead of at one go, apart from the financial element. In this form it is clearly disrupting the work of the parliament. Anyone who was an MP, was a political guru, or knew the workings of Parliament, must have known this information for a long time, so why now? As someone who has been taken over by the political machine, I can tell you unequivocally that the cost, the disruption, the loss of records and continuity by a serious takeover does not justify the experience either in efficiency or cost. I am therefore assuming that this has been a cynical political ploy, by one of the Opposition parties to steal a march on the others and the government, and force an election, the run-up to which they have already planned in detail, including this scare campaign.

There is no shadow of doubt that the propositions being put forward now, by the two major opposition parties, might, in theory, be attractive, but in fact would cause unlimited chaos, disruption, animosity, and sidetrack the more important events and decisions that we need in this current time of crisis, without creating yet additional crises. If this happens, procedures, which have arisen by attrition over hundreds of years, will be swept away, modified or retained in too short a time, and these are in their hundreds of thousands. Redesign is generally a matter of inspiration, experience and trial, if further changes and modifications are to be avoided. The amount of work, the amount of discussion, and the amount of acrimony will be immense. That alone has to be justified before it has even started. How can you run a country with all that going on in the background? To my uneducated and simple mind the whole thing has not been thought through, is a political stick to beat the opposition and government with, and the man in the street hasn’t a clue of what is going on, nor why. It all started with somebody wanting to make a bit of money, by presenting a storm in a teacup, as a National emergency

Surely it can not be deemed, that a total overhaul of government functions so precipitately is essential, and that it should take place immediately after an election, which can be a time of takeover from one government to another, and in turn lead to chaos on chaos.? If it is truly essential, and I have not seen or heard any detailed justification, but is agreed as such on a cross-party evaluation, then it should be handled, as the War was handled in 1939, with a Coalition Government, until stability, and the overall principles have been set in place agreeably. Only then should there be an election. Or better still, shelve the whole idea, until we have got our finances, our manufacturing, unemployment and pensions in order.

I believe that, if it is intended to pursue this idiocy, her Majesty the Queen should step in now, use her authority to dissolve parliament as it stands, create a coalition government with representatives from all the major parties, and also set up a Revision panel to examine in depth the veracity of the claims for change, currently being voiced, apparently, off-the-cuff, at strength 10.

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