The League of Gentlemen and Gentlewomen

I know that I am whistling in the wind, it will never happen, but that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong. By using the phrase ‘The league of gentlemen and gentlewomen,’ I am not referring to the upper-class, wealthy Sloane Rangers, but men and women throughout the world who have a gentle outlook, are not aggressive, nor are they appeasing, they just see no reason for war. Yesterday on television I watched the film that I had seen many years ago, made by the Germans for the Germans, entitled Das Boot, which translates to The Boat, and depicts the horrors experienced by U-boat crews towards the end of the war in Europe in ’44, when the British Navy had the upper hand in the Atlantic, and the chances of a crew member of the German U-boat fleet, being alive at the end of the war, was one in four. What did it achieve? Thousands of innocent merchant sailors were drowned, died burning in oil, or were maimed, because of the aggression of a few for their own ends.

I have rubbed shoulders with war in its various forms, from a father who was severely injured in World War I, to the London Blitz, to convoy duty, and in no way least, nearly 40 years of ongoing internicene terror, in which I took part as a combatant for two years, and have had friends and relatives fighting overseas in these recent years, because two politicians went on an ego trip. Millions of innocent people have been killed and maimed, the beautiful heritage of the past, throughout the world, has been bombed out of existence, at the whim or a few politicians with their own agenda. The man and the woman in the street, don’t think in those terms, the stress of living, and in these days keeping afloat, is enough for them. Those poor people throughout the world who are constantly being chased from border to border, and shot out of hand, by renegade armies at the behest of criminal leaders, are all the latest indication of the breakdown of political sanity. It is time that the man in every street in the world revolted, at any sign of aggression that is not essential by a so-called leader. In ’39, the Brits were unprepared for war, but the level of aggression by the Germans was unsupportable, and our whole way of life was disrupted for more than 20 years. If the German proletariat had been more cognisant of where Hitler’s aspirations were leading, and had learned from the experiences of World War I, knew the risks they were taking, World War II might never have happened.

That is my premise, and as I have said many times concerning the outpourings of our political leaders,’ don’t believe all they say, stop and reason for yourself , and if you conclude they are wrong, then fight your corner politically, and don’t let them get away with it ‘

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