My final word on Westminster and perks in general

I have seen some rabble rousing in my time, but I don’t remember anything as distorted, and engineered as this that we are suffering at this time. It is not a game, it is our political future which has been ripped apart, often unreasonably, and it will not be possible to put it together overnight. I am convinced that there is a worm in the apple with a ploy as yet unclear.

All along I have beseeched my readers to stop and think. I do so again. We have known ever since the EU was instigated that the people in Brussels were milking the gravy train hand over first to the tune of hundreds of millions. We have been aware of the fact that not all countries obey the rules in the way that our civil servants seem to need to do. So why are we so surprised that this is a similar tradition, because that is what it is, and has clearly been in vogue in Westminster for years. This holier than thou, washing of hands, sheer hypocrisy has got to stop. Over my life I have rubbed shoulders with petty crime, malfeasance, and left. Don’t tell me that you have never done anything that is on the margins of theft. For example paying a tradesman cash because he wouldn’t do the job if he had to present a bill and thus pay VAT, or something similar. In this instance you are conniving to steal money from the government, but a lot of people will condone it. Don’t tell me that you are as righteous as these people who are writing in the press, preaching on television, and who are creating this expose, would appear to be. I have seen teachers taking pencils and books from school for their children to use at home, I have known the people in sweet shops who considered it their perk to steal the odd bar of chocolate. The list is endless, and the higher you go in the value of the circumstances, so the so-called ‘perks’ get greater. If you read through my blog I cite dozens of instances of people bending the rules to their own advantage, it is nothing new, and if we were honest we would not be so surprised in this current case.

Please, just stop and think, and decide if this furore is really justified to the level it has reached, and could not have been dealt with in a more sane way, with a lot less damage to all of us.

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