Stop! For pity’s sake, Stop!

I am referring to this daily diet of politics, in spite of the fact that I am also another one at it. I have already written my objection to politicians having others write their speeches, because I believe they should all be forced to write their own, if nothing else, so that what they say are their own policies. There is a good way to check, currently, with all these politicians having to stand up and reply to why they have been elected, to why they haven’t been elected, and all the other questions that they are being asked every time they put in an appearance anywhere. That is when they have to speak from the heart, or pretend to. That is also when they are passing on their own thoughts. I discovered it interesting, as a pastime rather than research, just to see how many of them are flummoxed when they suddenly find them selves faced with the woolly lump of a microphone – in some cases it’s very revealing, not only about the quality of the rhetoric, but the fact that some of them say more than they should, and suddenly realise that it will come back to haunt them.

Let’s change the subject. Are you getting inundated with hilarious stories on a daily basis? My family knows that I’m no surfer of the Internet, I use it as a tool rather than a toy. So they keep me abreast of the humour, which in a high proportion of cases is really very clever. Looking back to the days when we all listened to the radio, or should I say the Crystal Set, to the information or humour that had been carefully vetted so that nothing of a sexual nature could offend the offendable, I now realise slightly salacious jokes slipped through, and while my mother feigned disgust, my grandmother and I smiled at one another, because we knew, she because of her age and experience, and me because I was learning, that sex offered properly, can be an hilarious subject. It’s great, that at this time we can still laugh at ourselves.

This of course, caused me to surf a wee bit, with the result that unfortunately I’m finding not only the breadth of interests on the Talk-Talk opening page, but the slant of those interests, which mainly seems to trend towards the trivial. This in turn clearly indicates to me that the need of the general public is to move away from reality, into the world of the celebrities, the tittle-tattle, and pretty well anything that distracts from the mundane, which has now become so objectionable. I believe that apart from people like me who are past it, the speed of life today just to stay afloat, together with the loss of so many of our cheap and simple pleasures in the name of progress, such as kids being able to move around, play on open ground, and walk to school, and has now become dangerous, is so shackling, that the majority no longer have the time to appreciate the simple and finer things, because they strive for the sake of striving, ever upwards.

I think if anything, what I have just written, is probably both sad and boring, but if it is true the trend like politics should be reassessed and changed.

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