Aggressive accompaniment.

On more than one occasion I have written about the change in anaesthetic that is currently obvious, but it seems that the credit crunch is worsening the effect of the dominance of the music accompanying the films from which we can choose on TV and Skye. When you compare films produced up until the 70s, or the 80s in some cases, the spoken word is not drowned out by music that seems to have no relevance at all, and at times such crescendo that is impossible to make out any script. In many of the modern films it would seem that there is a battle of the directors, and the musical director is winning. I am sufficiently sceptical to wonder if this poor quality is as a result of a ploy to encourage us to buy into High-definition, or HD.

I have discovered I am not alone in this abhorrence of gratuitous music, and am equally convinced that it is not the equipment because I can hear other programmes that are not accompanied by music eloquently and comfortably. It is not difficult to draw comparisons, because we are being fed films we have never heard of in the last 60 years because of their poor quality, not only being offered but repeated. I think that Skye should take on board the fact that a large proportion of their clients are beginning to think that £600 a year plus, is a high price to pay for poor quality entertainment, when it is on offer elsewhere virtually for nothing.

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