Is some we are told make-believe?

It is essential when writing a blog that the level of your experience is made clear so that those reading the blog will not be fooled into thinking that you’re an expert on what you’re discussing. What I write here now would shock my nephew, who is a botanist, with alphabet soup after his name, and plants with his name that he has discovered in some of the remoter parts of the world.

The world, which originally started as a mess of gases, has been ever-changing, as a result of different influences. Changes though must be inevitable with time, because the centre of the earth is molten and cooling. There are two theories on why the dinosaurs became extinct, one as the result of a virus, and the other due to volcanic action cutting off the light from the world. Hence one can assume that no theory can be absolute. Scientists have been boring holes and taking samples of ice and rock to enable them to interpret the changing seasons and conditions that pertained at the time as each minute layer was laid down. Whether these interpretations are totally accurate may be questioned, as clearly records don’t exist, except for the last few centuries when records started. Ever since the global warming concept has been giving rise to worry, we have been showered with instructions, entreatments, and bludgeoning for the cause. The man in the street, unsurprisingly is baffled by all the scientific information which he hasn’t a hope of understanding because he has either only or no GCSE in science, and the whole thing is above him. He is in the hands of the government and the scientists with no recourse. It is not surprising that he is sceptical when he is instructed to wash out the milk bottles, scrape out the food tins, and select paper from paper without plastic attachments, and then discovers in his local press, and press in other districts, that the waste is actually being used as landfill, and all the recycling process is a waste of time and money to him and the local authority.

I would like to take just one simple idea, that of the exhaust from a car. Scientists are busy weighing gases and trying to correlate them with samples taken from the upper atmosphere. In my view the gas comes out of the tail pipe, and can be absorbed in water, adjacent plant life, swept along in the atmosphere with the wind, but I suggest that not all of it or perhaps even a major part of it ever reaches the upper atmosphere. The tremendous amount of money, government advertising and pressure on the individual being exerted in the name of global warming, as a result of scientists drawing conclusions, is colossal Recently we have had tremendous forest fires in both America and Australia, in recent centuries there has been colossal volcanic action, and while carbon dioxide from the forests around the world has diminished, that from man has increased. The balance, and other possibly unknown influences must have some input into these equations that the scientists are making, the question that needs to be asked is how accurate the overall information is that is being used to force us to toe the line, to the extent that it is. I am a cynic and believe that with respect to global warming different people have different agendas, not all to do with saving the world. The other aspect that I see is that there is a differential between some of the larger countries and their attitude to global warming and those that our government is inflicting on us. I have no desire to be a world leader, just have a strong wish to keep this country afloat for the sake of my children my grandchildren, great-grand children and those still to come.

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