Sliding into oblivion

Our infrastructure is declining, poverty is increasing, and all the Parliamentary Front Benches want to talk about is their own expenses, the next election, and the inadequacy of the people on the opposite bench, which sums up the state of things today.

I don’t think it is only I who finds a high proportion of the Parliamentary thinking, to be totally irrational, and responsible for incredible waste of time and money. This business of the identity cards is only the tip of the iceberg. The whole system has not the confidence needed to make monumental decisions, in the face of media criticism, purely because they are right. They have not the experience and the ability to take account of all the imponderables, and make decisions after careful thought, before launching into statements. Rather they rush into matters that will never see the light of day in the way in which they were intended, and had not been thoroughly vetted prior to being launched at great cost, great controversy, followed by a U-turn. Media conception is the top priority. The credit crunch would never have happened if the members of Parliament had mostly been more interested in the jobs they were intended to do, rather than their own jobs per se. The Lords has obviously come to the end of its useful life, because it was its duty to oversee so much of what has been stupidly contemplated and legislated in recent years by this government. As everybody says, the war in Afghanistan is a glaring example, if the Russians, with their scant concern for human life and the edicts of equality, failed, why should we, with our more sensitive approach hope to be successful?

My personal stumbling block is that I have little respect for the members of the parties of the opposition, because as I have said before, I believe they are untried, inexperienced, and have roughly the same qualities, attitude and aspirations of the incumbents. This is a frightening statement, but people like Blair, through their presidential system, gave the up-and-coming members of Parliament very little experience of being in command, which is essentially training for future serious office, and all the time you’re in Opposition, you have no training at all. Another glaring example of the incompetence of this government was the way it dealt with the statements put out by the Daily Telegraph, for gain rather than the benefit of our system, thus making fools of our nation as a whole, worldwide. It was not as if no one knew about it, at least over a couple of thousands people knew about it, and had accepted it as a normal way of life, handed down through the ages. There is such a thing as a D notice, and there must be other means of reducing the impact, for the material, that if it couldn’t be stopped, should have been published on only one day. It has strangled Parliamentary procedure, done more damage than anything else could have done, when lies about the Iraq war seemed to go on without challenge.

We are in serious straits, and what we need is a cohesive coalition government, comprising the best experience and the best brains available, where sniping ceases, and the good of the country is paramount. It may be that the only way we can achieve this is for the Queen herself, assuming she has the powers, to inaugurate it in the way in which it was done in 1939/40. We can’t go on the way we are with one U-turn per week, vast sums of money wasted on projects on the drawing board, and having been passed, that are so idiotic they have to be rescinded, when the government actually wakes up. This, I hope, will be seen as a constructive, not destructive, comment on something that is so vital to our economy, and the future of not only us but the generations to come.

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