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These days I just can’t believe what I see and read. Yesterday the Prime Minister was telling us that he was going to give a shakeup to government spending so that the reduction in the recession when it came would be easier. The implication was that this move was a forerunner of a relaxation of the crunch, thus implying that things were not as bad as we expected, or was I reading more into his statement that he intended? If that was the case I suspect that I will not have been alone in this assumption. Now today the headline is that the unemployment figures are going to be astronomical and that the crunch downturn is almost virtually over the horizon.

So much of what we get is a result of the electioneering, giving a seesawing effect, one day everything is fine because they’ve just done something clever or are going to do something clever, and the next day the facts negate this rosy effect. They are representing us not themselves, and we don’t give a damn about their job prospects, but we do about ours, and those of our descendants. Why don’t they all get together, pool their resources, find out why this country is doing worse than any other in getting out of the recession, and like a good rowing eight, pull together? As an ex-oarsman in an eight, there is something about the unity of the whole boat pulling together that is quite inspiring. They should just try it! After all, it is not so long ago they were wanting to be world leaders in every thing.

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