A personal message

A personal message I have not written anything for the blog since the 17th of October due to the fact that I had lost my connection to broadband. What I have been most interested in is the fact that so many people find what I have already written of interest. I rarely get comments, but I take this fact as an indication that what I write is of interest. My Dutch friend, Jan, once tried to prove to me that one of the reasons that the blog runs without my continued additions, is that schoolchildren could be using the biographical material for projects. If this is the case it is very gratifying.

Sophie, my wife has become quite ill, and you will know if you have read the blog that I am disabled also. I am now acting as a full-time carer, and pleased to be doing so, but it does give me little time to sit and cogitate about the vagaries of life today. Tomorrow I shall start once again putting down my thoughts on any subject I take an interest in, in order to stir criticism and perhaps generate a wider subject for your interests. I have said before that I run this blog because my grandson gave it to me as a present and I have had incredible fun trying to keep up with the times, and also trying to decide whether development over 87 years, to the extremes that we now enjoy have been worthwhile. Thank you for reading, John

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