A big mistake

A big mistake
In fact, a gigantic one. I was fool enough to believe that advertising garbage, probably because I wanted to. I have always been interested in having high quality sound in audio equipment, and as my hearing deteriorated with time, the thought of having all the television programmes in high-definition, was irresistible. It must be remembered that I was a radar technician 60 years ago, and have, to some extent, kept up with developments in technology, a voyeur on the sidelines. It seemed to me when I heard of HD, that some form of filter would be quite reasonable to iron out the problems in speech patterns and excessive noise, the latter in the electronic sense. Recently I had a problem with my computer produced by a faulty download, which seriously wrecked some parts of the equipment. I got in touch with the programmers who had obviously had this problem before, they proceeded to control the cursor on my computer as it whisked around the screen deleting changing or adding as it saw fit.

It is not surprising then that realising that HD is coming relatively soon, that I decided to upgrade my equipment and install HD. It was only when I got it that I realised that I had been suckered and what I really had was high-definition with a relatively few selected programmes over which I had no control. I have found the controls less simple than previously, and the indicator lights are so tiny I can’t see them 10 feet away. Granted, I wear spectacles, but when the indicator lights are essential, one would think that they should not be missed
I was very happy with my previous Skye system, it did practically all that I wanted, and this new one does things differently, but I believe no better. Today I found that I could not record or play recordings, for some technical reason, I was instructed to telephone, and was then talked to by a young lady, probably on the subcontinent, who spoke very fast and I had difficulty following her. Add to this the fact that I was trying to juggle with a remote control, the telephone, follow these instructions until in the end she had had enough of me and decided that she would arrange for some technician to come and help me, in five days time. When you consider what the technician managed with the computer, I’m amazed something along these lines is also possible, so that all fuddy-duddies, like me, who find it difficult to go anywhere, and are really dependent on television to access the outside world, would get some consideration

I believe that I have been taken on, by advertising blurb, where the facts have been subverted, and any advantage highlighted out of all proportion. I regret sincerely ever having exchanged my television set for this new monster

Big mistake!

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