Brown has been weeping on our shoulder, about something the man in the street knew from the outset, that he had made a cock-up of his resolution of the failure of the banking system, where almost everyone is losing financially and many are losing their jobs So why in heaven is Cameron making such a play on the opinion of the bank directors, that the conservative policies are the ones to vote for. I should have thought the bankers’ opinions would have been the most unreliable. I think it says more about Cameron than the policies.

Similarly, the heads of some of the big conglomerate were also quoted as approving the Tory policies. These people live virtually on another planet, they are millionaires, and if they were ever impecunious, it was so long ago, they have forgotten what it meant in so many ways. What these miniscule selections think has no bearing on the needs of the majority of the electorate, and worse still, the fact that they were introduced at all by the Tories is a worry for the future, should they be voted in.

By the same token, who persuaded Brown that it was to his and the party’s benefit to come clean, if indeed that was the case, at such a late date? To me it has all the sticky imprint of one or more spin-doctors all over it.

Off and on, over the last few years, even as far back as Blair’s infamous deceit. I have been advocating the value of a hung Parliament for several reasons. Firstly, one person should not be permitted to shove through legislation because of his rank; secondly the effect of the opinions and propositions of the unselected spin-doctors would be watered down, if not eradicated. Thirdly, decisions would be arrived at resulting from more input and less pressure. The Iraq invasion would not have been so precipitate and the outcome ignored, losing so may lives on both sides, if there had been more input, rather than a quasi-dictatorship approach.

I remember when the Conservative Government was not overwhelmingly in favour of Northern Ireland being part of the UK. Yet some of our current leading Unionist politicians are cosey-ing up to them now, for some reason, when one might conjecture that the Tories are needing a few more seats in Westminster, to feel secure.

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