Ridiculous security

Quite a long time ago, for security reasons, my bank asked me to give them the following, my postal code, my age, the number of my house, and my mother’s maiden name. At the time I thought this was fair enough, and complied. Subsequently, when telephoning concerning my account, I was asked these questions and gave the right answers. Imagine my surprise when last week I was asked the same question by two different authorities, one the electricity supplier, and another I think it was to do with having a new 60s travel card, but I cannot be sure.

I find today that there is a lot of fuss about security, but when it comes down to it, it means absolutely nothing. It is like global warming, people want to be seen to be caring, but at the same time don’t consider the overall picture, the varying parameters, and often the long term effects. I remember, a long-time ago, when I was a part-time policeman, having to carry a personal weapon, security men would run their hands all over a clean shirt, on a hot day, and never once find a gun. It was not hidden, just sitting in its holster, out of sight.

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