If you live alone, contribute to a blog, sometimes it’s essential to get another view on what you have written, because it’s all a matter of perspective, and perspective over nearly 90 years can easily be distorted by the viewer, me. I asked my grandson for his take on what I wrote yesterday. This is what he said, I wonder if you agree.

Nothing wrong with it at all. My only argument is that every generation feels they have it better than the next… If I’d been born in the 30s I would never have been able to play electric guitar or design Flash websites. I wouldn’t have had the chance to live in Japan. I probably wouldn’t have met a Scottish-born Chinese girl, as the first generation hadn’t even arrived from Hong Kong until the 60s… so I am thankful I was born in 1974. But even then, I had a safe childhood where I could walk home from primary school without my mum having any fear of me being in danger.
I guess what I’m trying to say is that its lovely to hear your reminiscinces about how good it was “back in the day” but also that saying how things are always just getting worse is the nature of getting older. We all think like that, I reckon.

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