Hydrogenated oil

Hydrogenated oils
My next-door neighbour and I were talking about injurious additives in food, usually taken over a long period, and the incredible rise in obesity in the population as a whole. We talked about all the usual reasons, junk food, boxed meals, carry outs and suchlike when she suddenly introduce something I had never heard of, hydrogenated oil. She said a friend of hers, who was a trained chef, had asked her if she would like to eat a Tupperware box, because a similar process derives hydrogenated oil. I wasn’t prepared for reading what I did in Google when I put up hydrogenated oils. I went to www,wisegeek, and also to ‘partially hydrogenated oils’, on the same page.

When I read the descriptions of all that is wrong with taking in hydrogenated oil, and the injurious effects on the body, I could not understand how the government would permit this material being used in the food industry at all, let alone under regulation. It’s whole purpose is to speed up, and probably cheapen the manufacture of a number of items such as biscuits, cakes,etc, not right across the board, but by selected manufactures, at what cost to us?. Some fish fries use it because it keeps the oil clean for longer periods than conventional oils. I don’t propose to go into further detail, just read the websites on Google and then make up your own mind. Don’t forget to read the ingredients content when you buy biscuits and cakes and even oil.

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