Things I don’t understand 2

Euthanasia I have written about before, taking into account religious beliefs and the control exerted by the State. In the past, there was some justification for this control, because religion, right up to 1945 was the mainstay of the average home in Britain. But now we have an almost totally godless world, where members of so-called religions are killing in vast numbers, members of other religions, and entertainment appears to consist of killing, total mayhem, and mindless destruction. So to me, control on a religious standpoint seems one step too far. I am in no way suggesting that there should be no control. I have known of someone who committed suicide in the most ghastly fashion who would have suffered excruciating pain. There are those among us who are leading lives which none of us would envy, and I believe many of them would like to end it. There are those who commit suicide because of psychological imbalance, and these people should be protected from themselves. To achieve this I suggest that there should be a board set up consisting of three people, a doctor, a solicitor, and a civil servant. The doctor would monitor the reason for the approach. The solicitor would check the financial, and legal affairs of the individual concerned, and the civil servant would be the one to give the final approval, and institute the arrangement.

People who live to a great age, ultimately find themselves stranded in a sterile condition, they have outlived their friends and relatives of their own age. In this day and age where travel is taken for granted, families no longer live in close proximity, and life is so fast and ruthless, that the younger members of the family are scattered across the world, and their own lives are in no way as calm and measured as were those of the ones of great age. Normal people do not like to be dependent on others, they are afraid of over burdening them, especially if they’re quite competent to carry out the duties that living requires. Hence they arrive at a condition where their sole purpose is to maintain themselves until it is time to die. It isn’t only those who live alone and share this stark condition, I have had friends in some care homes who felt exactly the same way, and seeing the conditions under which they lived, I didn’t envy them.

If people find themselves in a condition that is unsupportable, the temptation to commit suicide could be so strong that they have go, and like the case I have quoted, if they make a hash of it, they will be in a far worse condition themselves, and they will be a burden on the State. I cannot understand that if I can make this case, which I believe is cogent, why government sources are failing to act. If I have got it wrong and there is a valid reason for not having the facility in this country that they have in Switzerland, I feel that this should be blazoned for all to understand

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