A letter to sauce manufacturers

Over the years I have wasted a considerable amount of sauce, because the jars contain enough sauce for four people, and in those days we were only two. Now I’m living on my own I have had to take steps to save this happening to a greater extent, and as a result I believe the manufactures would actually be doing themselves a favour if they followed my example. The problem with the system they have is that once the jar is opened it has to be used within three days, or frozen. The solution which I have adopted, is to buy small plastic containers and fill these with one helping for one meal, or the helping for two meals. These I freeze.

Living alone is now far more common than it has ever been in the past, with fewer marriages, broken homes, single mothers, and widows and widowers. For those who are handicapped, the meals that you make are small, have to be made easily, cheaply, and quickly. One other requirement is that, as you require to have fresh vegetables in the diet, meals such as spaghetti Bolognese, sweet-and-sour pork, and similar dishes, cannot be an everyday event which then means that the sauces have to be stored in the freezer. It seems to me that if the manufacturers package their sauces in two forms, one as now with four helpings, and the second system using two plastic containers, each holding two portions, this would have considerable appeal, because the purchaser would not only be able to freeze as and when they required to, they would be gaining small containers which they could use for other purposes, such as leftovers, splitting plastic packaged gravy, and similar items. My problem is that probably sauce manufacturers don’t read my blog.

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