Fairytales circa 2010

I had always thought that fairytales were for the entertainment of the young. My definition of a fairytale is that it is an imaginative story not based on fact, generally gentle in concept, amusing, and with an element of danger as the spice. Now I find that we are being presented with a double diet of fairytales on a daily basis on television. One form is the adventure-crime film that is totally unbelievable from the very outset, because none of the action could be duplicated without special effects, and illustration techniques. I don’t need to tell you all the details, about guns with endless ammunition, and every single member of cast proficient in martial arts. I don’t know anybody who knows anything about Martial arts. This sort of mockup, might be all right for children, but putting it on a programme entitled ‘ movies4men’ leaves one to wonder who these men really are. They must be watching these films because they are offered to such a great extent, they are obviously unbelievable, so perhaps these men need some sort of fairytale.

The other side of fairytales are as a result of the credit crunch. Advertisers are competing with one another to provide advertisements which are increasingly cheaper to make, while giving the information required by the product manufacturer. If you look closely you realise that most of the adverts are as a result of illustration techniques, rather than photographed material as in the old days. They now have every type of puppet making grandiose recommendations for the product, in instances which have no logic whatsoever, and in some cases using fear as a goad. I was always led to believe, and I have found this to be true in my own case, that exposure to germs is an essential part of living, so as to build up the immune system. Hence it seems irrational, that in the home, where there is unlikely to be the level of germs that are not already catered for in the immune systems of the family, yet the viewer is being urged to wipe everything in sight with the product to avoid these millions of germs, sources unspecified, types unspecified. I’ve found it ludicrous that the amount of cleaning shown and urged to be necessary around the WC, is in areas that would only be treated in normal circumstances by a loo brush. I know I’m a critical old idiot, but I object to being treated as if I had no brain with which to think for myself. Those ugly little puppets seem to be inveterate liars.

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