RIP Old Gaffer, 1922 – 2014

Steve here, the Old Gaffer’s grandson. I’m sorry to report that my grandfather died in the early hours of this-morning. I was on my way to the airport to fly to Northern Ireland for a visit when I got the call.

What a wonderful and inspiring man he was. And still is. This blog is testament to the colours of his days, his verve for life, his genius, his eccentricity and his unwavering love for friends and family. I will miss him dearly, but he was ready to go, to be honest.

All I’ve been able to think about all day is his big laugh. Sipping a single malt while sitting in his big comfortable armchair as the sun set outside the house on Cavehill Road, bursting out with that laugh, the purest expression of the joy of life.

Much loved, I know he will rest in peace.