The Old Gaffer

I am Steve Jones, the Old Gaffer’s grandson. I’m pleased to report that he’s still around, although is now in a care home. His health is such that he is unable to contribute to this blog anymore, but he wanted to convey his gratitude and best wishes to readers everywhere – the comments have been… Continue reading The Old Gaffer

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Am I being naïve?

When I question so much of what is being dictated to us by government, and by industry. Harriet Harman, on a television interview, was praising the fact that the Labour Party now has as many women in the Cabinet as there were men. I can’t see the logic of this. Equality under these circumstances is… Continue reading Am I being naïve?

The Pru-Man Looms

What I say here, is nothing new to most of us, but I feel that it has to be said again because you see so little movement in government thinking that gives one any hope, not for ourselves, but the younger generations that are coming up, and are still in school at this time. After… Continue reading The Pru-Man Looms

Open letter to Spike

Spike is a lifelong friend of my grandson, Steve, and as I have not been able to contact him, to thank him for generously sending me a bottle of Irish whiskey, something that I am very fond of and with which I will be toasting his health, when Stephen and I get together, I am… Continue reading Open letter to Spike

Further to the Cost of Care

Futher To ‘The Cost Of Care’ Certainly in this part of the country, and probably elsewhere, the immigrant workers in the building trade are now departed, because the differential between the cost of living in Britain is no longer what it was. It is reasonable to suspect that the same thing will happen in the… Continue reading Further to the Cost of Care

The Cost Of Care

This is my experiences of caring for my wife, having her cared for, while at the same time receiving care myself because I’m handicapped. The politicians are proposing to administer care in the future, to the country as a whole. If you use the search engine on this Blog you will find where I have… Continue reading The Cost Of Care

Women, a concideration

Women, a consideration. In the round, spontaneous pleasures are often more pleasing than if they had been tailored with great care. Take for example two families on holiday in a seaside house. The sun is shining the day is warm and one of the number says that he is going off for a swim. Others… Continue reading Women, a concideration