Women, a concideration

Women, a consideration.
In the round, spontaneous pleasures are often more pleasing than if they had been tailored with great care. Take for example two families on holiday in a seaside house. The sun is shining the day is warm and one of the number says that he is going off for a swim. Others say that they will join him and then a voice pipes up, suggesting that they all have a picnic on the beach. Pandemonium reigns, and within no time some are setting out the picnic and others are already swimming. I believe that would have been a much better party than if it had been thought of days before, and catered for.

Having been brought up by women, married, and having two daughters and five married young ladies as part of the family, I am not unaware of how much women enjoy dressing up, looking smart and above all fashionable, I think the film ‘My Fair Lady’, in the Ascot scene, showed just what could be done in the way of style and fashion for women. When I was a young man, women still wore dresses, and it was a delight to see them in summertime, when they had all their beautifully coloured finery on view. I have actually seen trousers on women which were bearable. Women can walk and swing their hair, which often is very attractive, and is even more attractive when it is coupled with them swinging their dresses in the sunlight. OK, trousers are very serviceable especially in the winter, but one couldn’t say that they were terribly attractive and that they do very much for the woman apart from keeping warm.

In these days, as I’ve said before, we are presented on television with nightly scenes of gross damage and carnage, and the inevitable display of adults having sexual intercourse. I have always felt that the actors when kissing, look as though they’re fighting over who should get the largest suck of a sourer lemon. Equally their physical cavorting is more like gymnastics. There is however one common factor in all these films, the women always wear skirts in these conditions, and never trousers. The reason is obvious.

I have been married for over 60 years, and I only see my Sophie on most days in the week for an hour, in her Care Home. but she still likes me. One day I made the point that I have just made above, and she and I reminisced about the past, and how in those days it was only on rare occasions, and under certain conditions, that a woman would wear trousers. Two people working together in their home,or one arriving unexpectedly could well generate Pheromones that would cause a smile and a silent question, which would be reciprocated. There was no preamble of undressing nor later that of dressing. It was fun, It all started and finished with big smiles, a hug and a kiss, and then later when the household started to fill, from time to time there would be secret smiles passed between the couple that added further pleasure, and underlined the relationship.

I am fully aware that wearing skirts leaves those who wish to pander to their urges easy opportunity. But I also think that couples living together and enjoying one another have been denied something which in my day was fun. The opportunity to have spontaneity and immense fun couched in love.

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