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Victorian values As far as the working class, and the lower-middle-class were concerned, things had changed little in the early 30s, from what they had been in Victorian times. There were of course considerable social changes as a result of the vast number of men having been killed during the war. There was a high… Continue reading Do you realise? , 5

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The aspects of education If you go to the search facility in this blog, and type ‘ caining’, you will see a number of items that I have written concerning corporal punishment in schools by teachers and prefects, over the years. You will discover that some of the teachers behaved in a disgustingly criminal manner,… Continue reading Do you realise? , 4

Do you realise, 2, and,3

Do you realise, 2 The E U. One of the most serious, far-reaching, and controversial revolutions was when we joined the European market. A large number of us could never see the reason why, even when people suggested that it would improve trading. If we were producing products that were better than those produced elsewhere,… Continue reading Do you realise, 2, and,3

Do you realise? – 1

Do you realise that you are part of a vast revolution, which has changed, and is still changing the way we live? We are partly responsible, because we are influenced by razzmatazz, spurious advertising, and laziness on our own part. Shopping The corner shop has almost totally ceased to exist in the main conurbations, and… Continue reading Do you realise? – 1

Northern Ireland Troubles, 3

THE LUDICROUS GIFT I have referred to the ‘liberation’ of articles by the terrorists. One which happened on a contract I was engaged on, took place a day or two before we stopped for Christmas. We had a gang laying pipes down a main road in the City . On the morning men arrived in… Continue reading Northern Ireland Troubles, 3

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