Animal communication

Recently I was looking at a costume drama film that had every type of horse and combination of horses, single as hacks, in matched pairs and fours, often standing about waiting to be ridden or pulling. It caused me to wonder what they were thinking about, and surprisingly it turns out, as I suspected, they do think in the abstract, and respond. It seems their method of communication is by smell, and using their body parts as indicators. Some years ago I had a golden retriever who used to play tricks on me, and in time I became aware of his bodily movements which warned me that he was making up the same old trick again.

I had previously wondered, when dogs snuffle, and horses do too, that this was some form of communication, but it seems that I was wrong. I put up the title of this essay on the Internet and found that there was a lot of material out there concerning the communication of animals, even to the extent that one lady says that she can telepathically communicate with animals. If you’re interested in animals I strongly recommend that you take a look at the different approaches to animal communication, I’ve found it most interesting, even fascinating..

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