Another typical government dichotomy

The other day I was hunting about for a shopping bag in which to put rubbish. It suddenly dawned on me how government policy is once again so totally crazy. We are admonished for wasting valuable resources by using plastic shopping bags, and urged to use more substantial shopping bags repeatedly. Now that I can’t shop myself, and have no wish to be a burden on others, I order a large proportion of my groceries online. One of the questions asked by the system is whether I want my purchases bagged or not bagged, and as a result of government pressure I automatically pressed the ‘not bagged button’, with the consequence that I have run out of free bags for the rubbish bin.

Today, kitchens are more or less universally standardised with either a waste bin behind a small door, or a freestanding one. I don’t know whether it’s by accident or design, but most of the bags your groceries are packed in just happen to be the right size for one of these bins. So it occurred to me that if followed the demands of the government and got gratuitous points from the shops, for not obtaining my own bags, I would have to buy plastic bin bags. Hence, at the end of the day, I will be using a brand new bin bag instead of one which had previously served its purpose, to store my rubbish in, thus defeating the saving of the atmosphere and the resources of the world in accordance with government policy, and costing me money at the end of the day.

Two things about this annoy me, it has taken me all this time to appreciate the illogicality of government policy, and that I, like a fool or a sheep, did as I was asked thoughtlessly

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