A hung Parliament

Ever since we were made aware of the duplicity of Tony Blair, I have been preaching that the safest way to go was with a hung parliament, which takes more time to come to decisions, but at least those decisions are not the decision of one person. What is obvious now is that more than one doctrine is on offer, and an amicable solution has to be found and agreed-upon by both parties. The fact that the Lib/Dems are more right of centre than the Labour Party, is also a help when the decisions are the opposite to the policies of one or other of the parties in power. The way that the Cabinet was formed is a clear indication of this.

I also believe that in some cases the Labour Party will have influence, because of their long-term association with the Lib/Dems. This would not have the same strength if the Conservatives wish to have a higher majority to force an election than previously. If and when this comes about, I think the Lords will provide a sticking point to that proposal. There is even strong opposition among the MPs of all denomination, firstly because it is alleged to be unconstitutional, and secondly as a hung parliament has not got a firm mandate. I think the road ahead on this item will be fairly rough.

It will be interesting also, to watch the machinations taking place to decide not only where the economic cuts are going to take place, but to what degree. Time will tell, and I believe that things will be done in a more orderly manner than they were by the Tony Blair government.

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