Such a silly word for something that I find unnecessary and objectionable. I remember years ago there was a saying running around, ‘if it ain’t bust don’t fix it’. There was also another saying that I think came from Lancashire,’ You get owt for nowt’, meaning there is no such thing as a free lunch. I am old and set in my ways, and when I use a computer I learn at the outset what I’m required to do, and then I find it annoying that time and again I have to re-learn because of updates. I cannot believe that any company like Microsoft will send out a product that hasn’t been thoroughly tested. By the same token I don’t think a company like Microsoft is going to gratuitously send out updates, unless there was some financial gain.

The problem is that I have searched my computer to find a way of barring updates, without success, and XP for dummies seems to think that updates are an essential part of computer operation.

Am I the only person who feels this way, and if not, the reason would seem to be that Microsoft who are making the software are happy with the system as it is, and in consequence have no notion of including the ability to choose to bar updates.

Another moan of mine is that I get death messages, couched in legal terms that I find stultifying, with boxes to tick, and I am at a loss to know what the long-term effect will be if I tick the wrong box, so I tend to tick nothing, and that is probably why I’m in the muddle I am today.

I have, of course, solved the problem, I have a professional computer unattached to the Broad band, loaded with quality programmes, where I do most of my work. But, naturally there is a snag, the software sellers, not providers, make one go on line to register, so one is therefore unable to purchase up-to-date programmes, or one would be deluged with updates

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