The Future Of The Blog

Several months ago I thought it had little future, as in dribs and drabs I had laid out the autobiography interspersed with comments on life today. My life now runs on strict lines, with little worth reporting. In the field of comments, it is difficult to find anything to say that has not already been broached by the media.

Twice I have considered stopping the whole thing. Recently my Dutch friend Jan took me to task for considering changing the format, and I think he was right. So now it is time for another experiment. Over this weekend I shall publish the short story that I wrote many many years ago. It doesn’t seem to have aged and my conscience – that Dutchman called Jan, said I should publish it, so I shall; it will be interesting to see the stats.

Starting on Monday, on weekdays only, I shall revive selections of my autobiography, in chronological order, for the benefit of those who have not read them. This too will be an experiment. At weekends I will post items I care about, preferably current.

I would like to thank all those of you who read my blog, I have found it more than interesting, invigorating perhaps, because there is this desire to please, and the stats tend to guide me what pleases and what doesn’t !.

I shall find it interesting to see the reaction to the new approach. So here’s to the next ‘Oldgaffer’.

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  1. Steve Jones turned me onto your website.
    Great Stuff. I’m an architect, living in the Santa Cruz mountains, south of San Francisco, but originally from Bangor, Northern Ireland. I look forward to trawling through your life, thoughts and ideas.
    Concerning your post on how to stimulate the aged, I think what you are doing – the blog – would be a great avenue for the older community to express themselves in a creative manner. How to do that is another matter, though it is perhaps a great business opportunity for some young entrepreneur.
    Not that, I imagine, all old people are necessarily “sages”, extolling gems of wisdom, but I think the experience of being older and what that feels like, and conversely being younger at this moment of time, is always an interesting two way conversation.
    Good luck

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