Random thoughts 21, The Last Post on Global Warming

This is the last post on global warming in whatever way you interpret it. Recently I wrote a piece and sent it to a nephew, one whose opinion I value, who has tracked the jungles of South America and the slopes of the Himalayas looking for, finding and naming new species of flora. I asked his opinion on it and he gave it the thumbs down. He advisied me to read http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/research/ hadleycentre/index.html, and also sent me a damning publication put out by Scientific American, entitled The Physical Science Behind Climate Change. I have read these articles, like the program put out on TV by David Attenborough, they are highly convincing.

Discussing the subject on my basic level, it is evident that something has got to be done to reduce global warming. If the graphs are to be believed, Europe, North America and Asia appear to be the worst contributors to this condition. The rate of change is now exponential with the inherent warnings. I, like any normal person, feel that it is my responsibility to do all I can to preserve the world for those coming after me. I have two basic gripes, however. Firstly, it would appear that big business throughout the world is resisting those very changes that are required. The greatest indicator of this is what is happening in Beijing only, as a result of the future Olympic Games, instead of throughout the whole of China. Similarly, in other countries, and especially the USA, the scientific lobby goes unheeded.

My second gripe is aimed at politicians who in the main are only giving lip service, or, like our own government, using the fear of global warming as a means of raising taxes, and appearing to be sincere by introducing legislation totally out of proportion with the effect it will have on the overall climate change, but will have severe effects on house buyers and those proposing to modify their current accommodation. I refer to the Home Information Pack which is now being extended to include three-bedroom houses. Like attacks on water usage, it is a broad brush, a catchall policy, which takes no account of the circumstances of the individual, and the consumption of water, power and energy generally, in any given circumstance. It would seem to me to make no appreciable difference in being forced to have energy-saving devices such as solar panels, while all the time these other countries are belching out so much smog like China, where visitors are being warned not to go there

This is a last post in every sense. I shall do my personal best. within reason, ( so much of the government blurb is technically unreasonable), to reduce global warming in the way I live, and keep my reservations and criticism to my self.

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