13.11.07, Low Emission Zones, Junk Mail

Low Emission Zones (LEZ) – the latest hidden taxation and congestion solution, except it is promoted as something more worthy.. Do you know that in another ruse to save the World politicians have put pollution limits on vehicles? Do you know how it applies to your car? I certainly don’t for mine, yet councils round the country, starting with London, are proposing to make areas of their towns and cities LEZs, where one is prohibited entry on the pain of a £100 fine. It could never be deemed fair, and, indeed, especially unfair if there was not adequate public transport, and to my mind there isn’t. Add to this, ambulances, school busses and a high selection of common vehicles used for daily deliveries don’t qualify either, and will also be fined. This is Class A chaotic thinking, especially taking into account the lack of adherence to the theories of how to save the world of the greater populated nations. The whole thing is out of proportion to the level of the problem and the level of the fine is extortionate and irrelevant where saving the earth is concerned, as it will be used for another purpose. Globwarm has become an excuse to raise taxes and perform other actions, without going through the proper channels.

The waste of computer generated junk mail has more than one effect. It creates vast recycling, wastes the subscriptions of charities unnecessarily, annoys the recipients and wastes their time, and it wastes valuable raw materials. A purchaser’s, or a subscriber’s name is placed on appropriate lists, two things happen thereafter and several don’t that should. Not only does the original computer regurgitate correspondence, catalogues, or begging letters containing free gifts, your name and address has been bartered for inclusion on a like computer, and so the rain becomes a deluge. I accept it makes sense to re-canvas to offer more goods, in the hope of tantalising purchasers again, that is the firm’s business, but, nonetheless, should be limited after a few repeats, in an effort to save waste.

Reminding the generous people that you are still helping charity is reasonable, but to repeatedly re-canvas to the point where the small donation has been used up in the expenses of printing, gifts and postage several times over alone, never mind the running expenses, shows a complete lack of supervision of the conduct of charities and the fact that the money donated goes mostly on salaries and management. If donors were less gullible and more street wise, this sort of misuse of the donations might stop. It is clearly producing a profit of some sort, but whether net income is balanced against a sensible yardstick of expected return for promotion, rather than to cover all outgoings and only some help to the legitimate recipients, should be crystal clear to those inspecting charities. Computer canvassing requires legislation, for all our sakes, the charities, us the recipients of totally irrelevant material, and waste disposal.

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