09.12.07. Is The EU For Real?

EU interference and Imperial measure. Small traders were put out of business because the health and safety regulations were, and are still, based upon factory procedures not Cottage Industries. The over paid and over cosseted mandarins in the EU have a mountain of bad legislation they have produced, because it was policy in their country, but untried generally and without reference to local implementation. Now we will soon be having even more countries joining, with more looking for the soft option here, having endured mismanagement in their own lands for decades – we will be picking up the tab, yet again, like we are now.

I remember, not so long ago, when a trader was fined for putting his prices in imperial measure, Now they tell us, because they never managed to stamp it out in the UK, that either it or metric is now acceptable. The building trade finds imperial more logical to visualise and of course the Yanks never did change. In Heavy Engineering, marine, bridge and drainage design, where movement creates incredible thrusts as a result, design is quite complex and has to be correct for safety. We used to carry formulae in our heads, and then metric measure came along, with the result it was not just a matter of converting feet into metres, there were many more parameters to take into account and life became very difficult. If reason had been applied in the 70s, life would have been easier.

I recently read that the EU emission rules will outlaw our army vehicles. There seems to be no rein on their illogical thinking. How much more CO2 will be given off from a few vehicles, than a row of shops burning in some distant town we are supposed to be protecting?

The EU is reported as proposing to scrap ‘Made in Britain’ labels on some foods They want to standardise nutritional information, in a world where nutrition seems to be the least important aspect to the average citizen. We depend on those labels, because we still think we produce high quality products, and if the truth were told many don’t yet trust foreigners. Next they will scrap labels on everything, and we won’t know who to trust.. There are strong lobbies in EU politics, fighting for isolated interests.

Did you know, or, indeed, do you care, that the 46 person team on the Cabinet of the president of the EU is costing £2,5m in salaries, expenses and entertaining What I can’t understand why it has to be 46, what are they all doing?. Of course that is not even the pin on the tip of the iceberg, The EU receives £12bn per year as our contribution, or £200 per head of our population. The corruption is so great, apparently, the auditors never sign out the annual accounts. I was always biased against the EU. When people talk about it helping trade, they are theorising, because we have never really been outside to be able to compare. I believe if services and products are top flight people will always buy them, if they are sensibly priced, irrespective of from whom or where.

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