An Old Man’s Ruminations

We all knew in the 30s, that we were British.
There was only us here, alone, we weren’t priggish.
We enjoyed what it was, and knew our place because
It was the system we had, and wasn’t so bad
As people might say today.
Hitler came with his war, wrecked what we had before
We were a hopeless case, and thought we were done-for.
But we fought to the death to the very last day,
To capitulate, surrender, was not our way.
Any more than it is today.
The 60s aberration, deluged the Nation
With dogma, styles and habits – abomination,
Have we ever really recovered, I wonder
Has our total way of life been ripped asunder?
As sometimes it seems today.
In the 70s, nine countries formed the EU,
An error, no thought for the future. Just my view!.
This trading ruse has gone too far, there’s no review,
Become unwieldy, too disparate to control.
Our borders gone, no longer do we patrol,
And regain the identity we’ve lost today.
Can one legislate for such a variety
Of lands, peoples and perhaps even piety
Please all comers and accommodate their cultures
No jealousy, wrangling, political ruptures
I don’t think so today!
I’m old but not tired, I am possibly crazy
We see what is happening, are we too lazy
To get off our arses and stop this charade
Complain, write, and shout, demonstrate, have a parade
Stop this politics of me and mine, today.
The EU ‘s really a club, the staff’s local pub
A colossal bin your taxes go in, the nub
Is nothng useful has ever come out but paper
It’s an idea, a poor theory, just a caper
To keep politicians happy, today.
It’s not something passing it’s been carved in stone
If we jump off now and try to go it alone
We’ll be a pariah and would be even worse
Placed, in every way, draining our National purse.
I fear we’re here to stay today
So much is changing at incredible speed,
When push comes to shove and so many will need
Help, in such diverse ways, is the EU able
To cope? Or alone, not at the EU table?
Will we come full circle that day?

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