01.01.08, Questionable Actions

I question everything, even myself, and there are few in authority I would trust any more, there have been such vast changes in probity and mores. This is my interpretation of statements, actions and their ultimate effect.

QA 1, A statement by Prof. Iain Stewart on ‘Earth’. Those who followed the series of TV programmes on the history of the Earth may also be questioning. Why, for example, with a worldwide debate and disagreement on the approach to Globwarm, would he imply that the whole process of change, not just climate change, was so far advanced, it was irrecoverable? He did add that it was not the earth which was in peril but things living on it. The earth could, and would rejuvenate after a mass disaster as it had in the past. I have never subscribed to these tickles at ‘Saving the World’, and was convinced they were only lip-service, an opportunity to appear to be taking the high ground, providing a new industry for profit, government sponsored, at the cost to the tax and rate payer. Why then, when the bigger abusers of carbon emission are refusing to accede to any measurable reduction, would he make a statement that plays into their hands? In effect, we have to look out for the natural world. The next question, assuming he is right and his programme is based upon valid science, as I believe it is, ( it seems to hang together), is why is it only coming to light now when it was probably assessed at least a couple, or more years ago? If he knew, surely the government scientists knew.? Have we then been led by the nose? I always thought the solar panels were of little profit to the householder, even less to Globwarm, but provided an industry someone was profiting by. Questions along those lines induce others; for example, If all this is known, why do we have a clause in the Home Information Pack that gives a co2 grade to our property? Why is a personal carbon footprint being considered when the bureaucracy alone would be phenomenal? Surely the solution base has changed.

QA 2 Is it right for a Prime Minister to ease himself into the seat of office while the cushions are still warm, without an election and without being the Deputy? The way ministers come and go, for many reasons, we might have even three Prime Ministers in this parliament. In all my 65 adult years, while I had not the same time or interest in politics that I have now, I never remember so many u-turns, questionable decisions, so many debacles, as we have had in the last 15 or so years and especially lately when nothing is going smoothly. When you read that English is the minority language in 1,300 schools, 11,000 migrants are working illegally as security guards, 80% of labour’s new jobs have gone to foreigners. That we have the Home Information Pack forced on us, and only 1% of home buyers ask to see it, yet the system in Scotland appears very satisfactory. Almost daily information is being mislaid by Government departments, youngsters of 8 can obtain a gun licence, and that’s only a few, you I’m sure will know dozens.

QA 3 At what age is a politician experienced enough to sift the wheat from the chaff, when he is being advised and making ground breaking decisions?
I was brought up in an age when politicians were mostly pretty old, came from political families, and most were wealthy. Later there were the ones like Anuran Bevin from the unions, and academics like Shirley Williams. The pace of life was slower as was the rate of change, the latter was hardly noticeable until the 60s. Now, in my late 80s, I believe I have been aware of a lot, and experienced much, Experience leads one to question, especially one’s own reactions and philosophies, and not only what others say, but why they have said it. In any field, one is learning continuously, and learning is as much about correcting mistakes as study, and above all, experience hones that learning. In Tony Blair we had a young politician, with 11 years parliamentary experience, catapulted into office at the age of 41. He had a mission, rejuvenating and modernising labour, which he achieved, but, I suggest, his mercurial mind and ambition over rode caution and careful thought. The result we know. With him came Brown, a different personality, kept in the background through Tony’s Presidential approach, with the results we now discover. The Signing Summit showed lack of political awareness, and total inexperience. Currently we have two contenders for the chair, also relatively inexperienced, untested in real government, theorising and cavilling. I fear for the future.

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