29.02.08,Are we getting value for money? Part 2

I have already referred to the fact that we are paying 31 billion, in interest on our National Debt, not internal debt. For years I lived with the national debt after the last war, when we owed the Americans and others for helping us. I vaguely remember that in or around about the 70 and 80s the National Debt was either non existent or low. When I find that we are paying more in interest from money borrowed than we are for some of our essential services, I begin to wonder if they’re using the same system in government, that the government expects us to use at home.

Every time the government changes its systems, especially if it’s on a national scale, the costs are incredible in management skills, history, refurbishment and changes in the clerical sphere – furniture, printing, decoration, – just equate it to moving house many times.. This government is constantly changing the deployments of services, the form of the services, for little improvement, if any in the end result. I believe waste, which was very low when there was stability in education, health, social services and infrastructure, is now at a very high level, I have seen it in a big way when I myself was taken over from local to national government. So many of the changes since the 70s, have been both costly and unnecessary. Indeed almost monthly we find that old traditions which were overturned on a whim, are been reinstated – one glaring example is the hospital Matron. If you go to the previous article, Part 1, and look at the list of budgets you will find that the ones that we worry about most, housing and the environment, agriculture and employment, public order and safety, and transport, aggregate to only 55% of that paid for Social Protection. As I don’t really understand all the relevant requirements for social protection, and the interpretation doesn’t help, I feel that this discrepancy between some of our greatest needs, and what I assume are the greatest needs of the world in general, should at least be explained to us simply, and in more detail, and be justified in the light of our national debt, and also if it comes to that, our internal debt.

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