04.03.08, It seems to be everywhere

What I place here is part of a personal e-mail from a Dutch friend. It is un-edited, just as I received it, and I post it instead of what I originally intended for the sake of us Brits who, like me, have been appalled at what is happening to and within our country, only because the EU forced us, and I include Holland, to do away with our borders..

My friend wrote ‘One more advantage of living in an apartment we no longer have to fear for burglars. The criminality increases very fast and becomesĀ  rougher by the day. They don’t hesitate to ram the door or break the window panes to enter and treat the people very rough and only for a few euros or a laptop. I think that soon the windows and doors will be equipped with bars.

These criminals are working most of the time in small groups and have an East European nationality. I think those people prefer the western countries because of the very soft treatment when they are caught. They stay in comfortable cells with TV, good food and books in their own language and after a couple of days they will be sent home by plane. Some days later they return and start again their crimes. Luckily, on the third floor of this building we don’t need bars!

I love reading your interesting blogs, in which I recognise all the problems and injustice we have in Holland. It seems to me that you want to carry all the problem of the world with you. But I think it is a relief for you to write it down and the fact that it will be read by others is not so important. So carry on with writing and don’t worry about the statistics.

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