21.05.08, Do The Think We Are All Stupid

Maybe we are, because otherwise they wouldn’t treat us so. I’m talking about politicians, advertisers, and all the misinformation that we are fed daily. On  Sunday, on the Politics Show on BBC 1, Harriet Harman was put on the rack for two reasons. The first was that at either Central Office, or the local constituency of Crew and Nantwich, a campaign had been decided upon to belittle the Conservative candidate, because he was allegedly a millionaire. Secondly, Mr Jon Sopel pointed out that she herself had a fairly exclusive background. I have been banging on for years that the one advantage of the old political system was that most of the politicians came from wealthy backgrounds and that politics was their life almost from childhood, and because of their wealth they were in an unassailable position, Their livelihood was a separate entity. Today most of our politicians are career politicians, with all the pitfalls that that can engender, especially toeing the party line against their conscience. I found the Crewe and Nantwich Labour approach particularly repugnant, it was childish, simplistic, and totally inaccurate. If there was anything to recommend her to the electorate, apart from the fact that the Labour candidate is the mother of five children, and that she is related to a previous candidate, it was nullified by their asinine campaign.

With this election coming up tomorrow and the General probably at any time, I would like to repeat one of my criticisms and general requests to our Masters. Gordon and his cohorts are constantly repeating how good he was as chancellor, which I take exception to. Firstly because we, the silent majority, were forever warning of the pitfall of the internal debt, but worse were not made aware that our bankers were being allowed to fund similar debts in other countries with our savings. Secondly, the previous multimillionaire PM and the rest of the cabinet didn’t also heed our pleadings. Gordon was allowed free rein when the whole system should have been controlled. Please, plug this hole in our financial system and let British money be controlled in Britain.

I beg you, my readers, to look closely at the advertisements on television. If you haven’t got Sky Plus, you are forced to sit through hours of it, with puppets, painted images and just occasionally famous faces, extolling merits which in many cases have not been substantiated or are overstated. Once one adopts this attitude it is like a game, just to see how many of the adverts are truly honest, and the product is proven to be essential to our interest, and not just to be purchased because the advertisement is scaring the devil out of us by insinuating some dire consequence if we don’t buy the product. Don’t Forget, the spiel we get pushed through the door prior to elections is a form of advertising. As my old Gran used to say repeatedly about everyone, ‘Don’t believe all they say!’

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