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Until the the Northern Rock affair I was a relatively happy man and then everything changed. I had built up savings over a period of time so that if the wheels come off we can pay for care. I had no problems writing or posting the blog, and life was relatively uncomplicated. I have previously said if it ain’t bust, don’t fix it, but one can’t fend off the deluge of Microsoft updates forever. It seems that everyone takes the Internet for granted, and if for any reason one is cut off, the whole system of information exchange breaks down.

Now someone has engineered the loss of quite a bit of my money without me lifting a finger. I am having taxes imposed because the government is footing the bill to make up the shortfall created by a few people seeking high salaries and golden handshakes, with little thought for the future but at our expense. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, firms are taking over companies and forming huge conglomerates, that in turn force changes on the individual. With my broadband supplier being taken over, presumably as a financial proposition, I have lost my broadband, and telephoning the helpline is a nightmare. In addition I had a free anti-virus, which I was told was no longer free, and for safety’s sake I paid up a two-year subscription and am now being asked questions about blockages that I have no idea of the answers. In consequence it could be this ignorance which has caused the problem with my broadband. To sum up, by my accidental downloading of so-called updates I don’t want and don’t need, takeovers, nonsensical investments abroad, others who wish to make more money, have all contributed to me changed in my whole system of life, and are persistently trying to change it even further. I do not believe that they are doing this for my benefit, hidden in the system there is a cost to pay.

I am old, not totally stupid, but I find having to learn something new every week, not of my choosing, about changes in banking, political changes, rules from the council, shops and practically everywhere else, is all beginning to annoy me and exhaust me to the point where I feel I must give up and hibernate. The problem is that it is not in just one sphere. Those who have control are constantly making new rules, deluging us with information leaflets with get-out clauses in small print, and insurance is a complete take-on. I believe we have arrived at a point where the phrase ‘buyer beware’ is no longer relevant because it is now too complicated to know what to beware of, and have so lost control of our own destiny.

I find it ironic that I am having to put this on disc and send it to my grandson by surface mail, to post on the blog for me, because progress has cut me off at the knees.

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