Am I crazy or is everything out of proportion?

All this business about expenses has yet to be proven in every case, and it probably amounts to little more than a million if that, yet our Prime Minister, along with the Cabinet are getting their knickers in a twist about it. But at the same time of course, billions and billions have been lost by the banking system playing some form of roulette with my money and your money, without retribution, and what is worse they were given more of our money to play with again, and the government hasn’t seen, not only how out of proportion that all is, but seems to think its own reputation is more important than the jobs of the thousands of people who are being laid off or will be laid off, for the lack of a small amount of investment, which the banks with our money seem unable, for their own security, to supply If I was really cynical I might think that all this fuss is a purposeful distraction. When Hardy comes to Hardy I think we will find very few if any of the politicians currently under review will be found guilty – in other words it’s a storm in a teacup, that should never have blown up to the proportions that it has, with apparently so little basis for it ever to have started.

The glaring question, which I have already addressed previously, is that nobody seems to know where all the money went. I think it would be fair to say, that persons, or groups unknown have stolen it. If it is treated like that then the logical thing would be to assume that it will never come back into circulation, without this being discovered, when there is such a large amount involved. I know nothing about the ins and outs of high finance, but I would have thought when so much of the commercial world has been affected, that two things should have been done. One should be a worldwide analysis of trading on the stock exchange over the period when the damage was done, and the second, new currencies should be brought into service so that any of that stolen would be invalid. Something like that was done on this part of the world when the money was stolen from the Northern Bank. Above all I find it incredible that the government is proposing to take strict action, in accordance with the law, with those in Parliament who have knowingly transgressed. While on the other hand its representatives are happy to sit across the table of a finance committee talking to the manager’s of the very banks that committed these crimes, who are still demanding monumental salaries and retirement pensions, as if they had done no wrong. Surely they were complicit?

The thing that grieves me is that finances were never previously supplied to make recreational areas and recreational establishments, for those children and young people, latchkey folk, running the streets and creating mayhem. Yet now that we’ve got a crunch they are able to bolster the very banks who committed the crimes with more of my money and yours.

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